Executive Personnel

Our staff Engineers have over 25 years' experience in the commercial airline industry.  We are globally networked and have DERs and DARs on staff, so we can service our international clients worldwide.


Director of Special Projects & Aircraft Certification, Oleksii Averkiev

First working experience was ANTONOV Design Bureau (2001-2004) - airplane passenger cabin design department (KO-10).  Was responsible for parts design (3D_Solid works), certification and assembly on airplane (project of new Ukrainian regional jet Antonov-148). Leading Engineer of Engineering department of Aerosvit airlines (2004-2013). Engineering support of B767-300ER / B737 CL / B737 NG airplanes and passenger cabin reconfigurations.  Delivery and redelivery airplane inspection. Kharkiv Airlines (2013-2015) Engineering department. ADS since June 2015

Senior Manager of Engineering, Bob Elkins

4 years USAF (456th FIS, Castle AFB) – F-106 flight line electronics tech, MA-1/ASQ-25 AWCIS.2 years Boeing Everett – Systems Mockup Inspection first 30 747-100 a/c, tubing, wiring, control cables, blankets and batts. Special assignment to verify tool located master rivets in a/c #1 main wheel wells. Last six months attached to QC Superintendent for the ad hoc Oxygen Committee.15 years at Volant (formerly International Aero Interiors), as composite tool design and manufacture, manufacturing lead, interiors reconfiguration engineering (last 9 years), Boeing and Douglas a/c. On-site engineering support for 3 projects. 2010 became apart of the ADS team.

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