Engineering Services

Below is a list of engineering services we offer for the production of your aircraft interior:

Engineering Services offered by ADS Aerodesign Services - 3D_LOPA 3D Interactive LOPAs
  • Create drawings to support passenger seating reconfigurations, such as: LOPA, Emergency Equipment, PSU, and Floor Coverings.
  • Create scratch and dent drawings with report analysis.
  • Develop & support CMM, AMM, IPS, and ICA manuals.
  • Interior & exterior placard drawings (both mandatory and non/mandatory markings).
  • Damage tolerance analysis / structural and system design.
  • FAA approval for major alterations / modifications
  • 3D interactive layout of passenger seating arrangement (LOPAs) as shown on this page. This allows our customers to fully visualize the color schemes (airline branding) and actual layout of the cabin including galley monuments and lavatories.

Click on the Images Below to See our Layout of Passenger Arrangements (LOPAs)