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Our group offers turnkey Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Development packages that start with the design of concept all the way through the issuance of the STC. We can also help you with the PMA process.

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Then, we work to get FAA STC's accepted by EASA, JAA, SAAU, DGCA, CAA and other regulatory agencies around the world. We have a proven track record that allows ADS to certify any modification for all types of aircraft.

Some of our STC's:

  • We have recently received FAA STC approval for converting B767s from a 2-3-2 abreast to 2-4-2 abreast cabin seating.    This STC also incorporates the floor structure if the additional seat tracks at BL11 & BL33.   From cusp line to cusp line our STC has this modification covered.   We also can provided TSO seating for this new conversion.

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  • We have PMA on Windscreens and Class Dividers for the B767 & A320 aircraft. Knowing that class dividers and windscreen panels are very hard to source, we cover and manufacture every position possible within the cabin interior for both type of aircraft.

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  • We received FAA STC for converting standard B/E seats into convertible seats giving operators the opportunity to sell seats at a premium price for their passengers. Our seat conversion kit is simple to install.

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  • ADS has multiple FAA STCs for interior advertising (for airline branding) on all single aisle Boeing and Airbus aircraft in addition to our STCs we also have for the Dual Aisle on B777, A330 and A340 aircraft. Our partner Global Onboard Partners can assist on selling advertising space, installation of graphic artwork and manage your account to receive ancillary revenue.

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  • MD-90 Layout of Passenger Seating Arrangement- Includes G2 galley builds (PMA).

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  • Boeing 767 (coming soon) In-Seat Power System Installation.

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  • Boeing 767 (coming soon) Cabin Wireless Entertainment System. 

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  • Boeing & Airbus aircraft we have full range of PMA soft curtain class dividers, crew rest curtains, aisle curtains and galley close out curtains available.

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