AeroDesign Face Shields Made in the USA

Our face shields are to be used with PPE such as N95 masks and glasses, and when wiped down and properly disinfected they can be reused. they are made with thick polycarbonate to ensure durability, and injection molded to fit the natural face contour. 

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Product Details:
-Full face coverage
-Shields fit securely using durable fasten strap similar to a baseball hat.
-Easy to use for multiple head sizes.
-Foam pad added for better comfort.
-Full clear face shield to minimize distortion.
-Made of durable polycarbonate
-Injection molded to fit contour of face

Shield dimensions: 8″ tall 13″ wide 0.080″ thick
Snap strap band: One size fits all
Foam insert: 1″ X 1.25″ X 9″

AeroDesign's Face Shields can be purchased in any quantity from individual shields to bulk orders.

Contact us for a personalized quote at
(248) 264-6449 or email

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